Solitary wasp


buddy icon MrsHeadrush
13 years ago
Oh my! This is spectacular!
buddy icon MrsHeadrush
13 years ago
Amazing Bugz !! Definitely a Buzz and Bugz winner! and we'd love to have your photo added to the group. ,Definitely a Buzz and Bugz Winner Please Tag Your Photo with BuzzNBugz The Buzz and Bugz Group,
buddy icon Khmanglo
13 years ago
That is a reall good macro, fantastic detail :)
buddy icon gunner1043
11 years ago
Great shots in your stream but I assume that the majority are taken through a microscope as opposed to a Macro. If it is a Macro lens may I enquire as to the type? Many Thanks
buddy icon laurie.knight
11 years ago
[] I can't be sure as this was shot in 2008 but I believe based on the size I think these wasps are, this was likely shot with a reversed OM50/1.8 or possibly a Nikkor EL50/2.8 enlarger lens, mounted on an OM auto bellows. My higher mag shots are using microscope lenses - Nikon 10x/0.30 CF-N, Nikon 20x LWD M-Plan, Nikon 40x ELWD M-Plan and recently a little JML 20x lens. A microscope base/focus block is used for focus stepping the subject.
buddy icon laurie.knight
11 years ago
[] These days I would almost certainly shoot this subject with the Olympus 38mm macro bellows lens.

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