Ant, likely Myrmica species


buddy icon Magic_moments.
11 years ago
Hi, I'm an admin for a group called ***A Place For Great Photographers*** Sweeper P1 A3 , and we'd love to have this added to the group! Staggering detail
buddy icon NOZHPhotography
11 years ago
Great Photographer Member Award This Fantastic image was seen by a Member in: *** A Place For Great Photographers*** Sweeper Post 1 Award 3. Please tag this photo "greatphotographers"
buddy icon ary snyder
11 years ago
Wow! Great portrait. Terrific detail. Congratulations! Seen in Closer and Closer Macro Photography
Great Photograher Moderator Award This Fantastic image was seen by a Moderator in: *** A Place For Great Photographers*** ( Invite Only ) Please Comment on 1 or more images within the Group. Please tag this photo "greatphotographers"
Awesome macro. Amazing detail. Well done. Outstanding Close-up. Well done!
Your work has been admired at *Macro - Up close and personal*
buddy icon oldbilluk
11 years ago
Great stack.
Hello This is not a Formica. It is a ant from the subfamilly Myrmecinae, probably from the genus Myrmica. I have just discovered your gallery and I'm really impressed by your pictures. I will come back here and on your website in the future and I hope I will learn a lot from your work.
buddy icon Kcam12
11 years ago
Wow!!! Your photostream is amazing!!! I'm in awe!!!!
generic buddy icon geetee50
10 years ago
Superb work!

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Species : Myrmica rubra