Female Rhagionid (Snipe fly)


buddy icon billmclaugh
12 years ago
Impressive macro. Is this fly alive or dead when you photograph it?
buddy icon laurie.knight
12 years ago
[http://www.flickr.com/photos/billmclaugh] Usually dead, this shot is a composite from 114 focus slices, difficult to get them to sit still for that long if alive!
excellent perfectly high resolution.
generic buddy icon geetee50
12 years ago
Superb work!
buddy icon Tracy_lo has got my allotment ;0)
12 years ago
A great shot Laurie, I know nothing about stacking but imagine its a lot of hard work...excellent results though, good work
generic buddy icon Spenature
12 years ago
Marvellous macro...
buddy icon M Maddock
12 years ago
Fantastic Laurie. What do you use to compose the stacks. Just took me all day to stack 60 with Photoshop. may be my comp !
buddy icon laurie.knight
12 years ago
[http://www.flickr.com/photos/mmaddock] What you need is a copy of Zerene stacker! (http://www.zerenesystems.com/)
generic buddy icon "Paul J"
12 years ago
Great macro work.
generic buddy icon Newatit1
12 years ago
Always a pleasure to see! S Cool.jpeg
buddy icon M Maddock
12 years ago
[http://www.flickr.com/photos/laurie-knight] Thanks for the tip Laurie.
buddy icon roverguybm
12 years ago
S Cool.jpeg
gorgeous, well done Hi, I'm an admin for a group called "I should get paid for this shot" and I would be honoured if you would add this perfect shot to I should get paid for this shot! I think you should get paid!
buddy icon gred.
12 years ago
I like and invite your macroemotion in my group MACRO_EMOTIONS&quot MACRO-EMOTIONS!
buddy icon zoom out till -- more off than on
12 years ago
MACRO-EMOTIONS&quot This is a MACRO EMOTIONS ! summery = WOW and beautiful shot ++++++++++++++++++++++++
buddy icon rh_wijaya
12 years ago
wow great shot...
buddy icon eagle_eyes_87
12 years ago
Dear Laurie Knight, what a magnificent macro close-up of this fly face capture! Great textures and color! Beautiful composition! Well done! Blessings=) a fave! Great Macro ! I saw it in: "Macro - Insects, spiders, reptiles, frogs" Did you receive 3 or 3+ Awards Post it here please!

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Snipe Fly

Family : Rhagionidae