Long Legged Fly (Dolichopodidae)


buddy icon Nikola Rahme
12 years ago
Beautiful image, Laurie. Looks like some abstract painting. Which 40x microscope objective did you use here?
buddy icon Bogdan Raducan
12 years ago
This is a "wow" image :-)
buddy icon laurie.knight
12 years ago
[http://www.flickr.com/photos/eurythyrea] This was shot with the Nikon 40x/0.50 ELWD M Plan objective, the only 40x I use at this time...
buddy icon M Maddock
12 years ago
wow i do have a long way to go.
buddy icon mycologie
12 years ago
one of the best compound eye photos i have seen. Did you do this through a scope, or do you have a mega-awesome lens of some sort?
generic buddy icon "Paul J"
12 years ago
generic buddy icon Newatit1
12 years ago
S Cool.jpeg
buddy icon Jan Hamrsky
12 years ago
Very nice shot!
buddy icon laurie.knight
12 years ago
[http://www.flickr.com/photos/mycologie] Thanks, it's not a whole microscope though I do use a microscope base/focus block to move the subject for the focus stacking, and I use a microscope objective (in this case a Nikon 40x/0.50 ELWD 210mm CF objective) mounted on a bellows.
buddy icon roverguybm
12 years ago
S Cool.jpeg
buddy icon nanomet's
12 years ago
buddy icon Maxwel Rocha
12 years ago
Great closeup!

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Long legged fly

Family : Dolichopodidae