Mosquito wing at 40x


Really interesting pattern and colors.....will try to emulate something like this in the future.... Thanx for sharing as usual ! ;)
buddy icon laurie.knight
12 years ago
[] Thanks! The colours are apparently interference patterns so the angle of the lights is very important. If you're going to try to shoot these, put the wing under a lens and look at it as you move a light around it to see how it affects the colours...
generic buddy icon Newatit1
12 years ago
blue swirvy2 We miss your great photos!
buddy icon edgehill
12 years ago
Nice to see at the next level down. I did this at 18x: Mosquito wing (crop)
buddy icon zxgirl
12 years ago
Oh wow - I love macro photography, but can only dream of getting this close. Do you shoot through a microscope? This is really beautiful.
buddy icon laurie.knight
12 years ago
[] Thanks! I use parts of a microscope, a base/focus mechanism for moving the subject for focus slicing and various microscope objective lenses for the high magnification work (mounted on an OM bellows).
buddy icon Ed...
12 years ago
buddy icon Nikon Telezoomer
12 years ago
Excellent work, I wonder if I get a perfect focus with my 60mm macro, and crop it down that I would get a similar result. I have been playing with reflections and moving light in different objects for very futuristic looking shots.
buddy icon zxgirl
12 years ago
That sounds like a lot of prep work, but it achieves spectacular results. Thanks for the description!

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Family : Culicidae