Psocid (Barkfly)


buddy icon botanical illustrator Hans de Vries
12 years ago
Great. Stack of how many pictures? Love the colors in the reflections at the left. Beautiful!
buddy icon laurie.knight
12 years ago
[] Thanks! This was 57 slices, I think at 8-10 micron steps
buddy icon treegoat
12 years ago
do you manually take each shot or do you just set it up and the rest is automated?
buddy icon laurie.knight
12 years ago
I don't have an automatic rail, I manually fire each shot via IR remote control and move the subject.
impressive angle of view.... talk about "close encounters of the 3rd kind" well done Laurie
what lens and accessories u used ? iam a fresher in photography .. thanks
buddy icon laurie.knight
11 years ago
[] Lens was the Nikon 10x/0.30 160/0 CF N Plan microscope objective. Accessories - Nikon multiphot copy stand, Olympus BH2 microscope base/stage, Olympus OM bellows, STF-22 twinflash. (and an E330 body)

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Order : Psocoptera