Mothfly wing


Amazing, the metalic color is very beautiful.
buddy icon iohandesign
12 years ago
thanks for let me know how are these wings
buddy icon Ben Rauch
12 years ago
Beautiful. Is there a name for the long scales at the trailing edge of some moths' wings? And are they a feature mostly found in moths vs butterflies? Thanks again for you wonderful photos.
buddy icon laurie.knight
12 years ago
[] This is actually a Dipteran not a Lepidopteran - Mothflies are in the family Psychodidae. However it's still a good question, these have hairs/scales much like moths, hence the name I guess. (Also see some of my Mosquito shots for more flies with scales!). If I find out the answer to your question I will post it here!
buddy icon Craig.Taylor
12 years ago
lol - I'm literally lining one up in my rig right now.
buddy icon Craig.Taylor
12 years ago
might not bother after seeing this
generic buddy icon geetee50
12 years ago
buddy icon fossiled
11 years ago
Like Fairy's wings form a young persons book. Stunning stunning image.

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Moth Fly

Family : Psychodidae