Silverfish (Lepisma saccharina)


buddy icon Jan Hamrsky
11 years ago
Very interesting, thank you!
buddy icon Papa Ellis
11 years ago
looks incredible when viewed large ...
generic buddy icon geetee50
11 years ago
Just superb, awesome detail.
buddy icon Ben Rauch
11 years ago
I've never seen the scale structure before. Very interesting. Maybe you could do a photo showing more scales. Thanks for all your photos. Visitors and friends at the Insectarium love your photos. Thanks again. Ben
buddy icon laurie.knight
11 years ago
[] Thanks for the kind words Ben. I plan to have another go, I already tried a couple of times, the scales are _very_ difficult to shoot, the striations in the scales seem to have some iridescent structures in tiny stripes and these I am having trouble with. Need to work something out with the lighting...
buddy icon ohrfeus
11 years ago
Great work! These lowly creatures are really beautiful close up!
buddy icon Jazess
11 years ago
Stunning and awesome ...
buddy icon Dan Dewan
11 years ago
Great macro! Such detail...
buddy icon simroser
11 years ago
buddy icon ~Simmy~
9 years ago
As Admin for this group, I attach this Invitation uitno macro groep You are invited to post this photo to Simply Fantastic

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Species : Lepisma saccharina