Unknown spider, abdomen


Truly astonishing!
buddy icon SequentialMacro
11 years ago
I thought this was a female at first sight due to the two black holes (if you will) called the Epigynum found in females? Never the less the magnification is amazing. The setup you use must have took ages to build Laurie, still trying to get mine close to half as good. Keep it up please, love seeing your new work!
buddy icon laurie.knight
11 years ago
[http://www.flickr.com/photos/sequentialmacro] Thanks! :) I'm not totally sure it's a male, but it has two little arm sort of things at the front with like little boxing gloves on - I thought they were pedipalps and therefore it was a male, but I'm not great on spiders. I did wonder what those two black holes were... From the internet, Epigynum are on the underside, this is the top of the abdomen..
buddy icon AlexCortz
11 years ago
I'm impressed with the magnification! Excellent macro...congrats!
buddy icon SequentialMacro
11 years ago
[http://www.flickr.com/photos/laurie-knight] Right ok, that makes sense, you're most probably right then :D Look at me trying to be a smart arse :P

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Order : Araneae