Soldier Fly (Stratiomyidae)


buddy icon Chris Court
11 years ago
absolutely cracking shots
You're getting cracking results with the JML!
This is wonderful !!
buddy icon A_sin 1968
11 years ago
buddy icon Canonian!
11 years ago
Yes, I agree with Johan, you get such good results with this lens. I think I go back to flash again, instead of constant light. Maybe they were dumped by JML because it was not a quality consistant production serie? Or maybe every piece of glass you throw at Laurie get him good results? :) It is the photographer that make a good shot , not the equipment.
buddy icon Smoggy Mountain
11 years ago
This objective seems to do very well in the centre, with the subject on a relatively flat plane. This seems like a sensible test to do, funnily enough I'd intended to do exactly the same with yesterday's robberfly (ie add a x20 eye shot below) but sadly ran out of time. I'd hope to have a go over the weekend but unfortunately things are conspiring against my having any time available as usual.
buddy icon Ab Pho
11 years ago
Very cool. The 4/3 sensor size also helps. I bet on a FF camera this lens won't shine as much.
buddy icon Canonian!
11 years ago
Mischa, please explain why a 4/3 would be better ? I though bigger sensor=better quality.
buddy icon laurie.knight
11 years ago
[] It's possible the image circle from this lens won't cover a full frame sensor at proper extension or if it does it would utilise more of the edge of the glass, where the quality usually drops off. Someone would need to test the lens on a FF camera to know if this was definitely the case.
buddy icon Jersey Bug
11 years ago
So amazing!
generic buddy icon Seastars world
11 years ago
so fantastic details!
buddy icon Sea Moon
11 years ago

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Soldier Fly

Family : Stratiomyidae